10 requirements for selling




1.The most important function of management is selling profitably. Also the executive board must keep contact to the customer. There it experiences very closely what has to be improved in its company. For this the member of executive board must not be the notorious "generalist ", but must know product and have at least in a subrange technical knowledge.

2.The best way to make the company really known , are not expensive adverts, but technical lectures on conventions and symposiums with discussions.

3.By cooperation in federations such as VDMA you become acquainted with the competition and you learn to estimate it better. Additionally e.g. the VDMA offers an abundance of services which are hardly available esp. for smaller companies.

4.The handling of inquiries must be pursued. Input information, concern, editors, price, delivery date and regular dates can be pursued with a simple EDP program.

5.For the world-wide selling - if own branches are not worth - combined contracts for licensed productions of a section and agency of the remainder of the products works satisfactorily.

6.Always secure foreign currencies, even if it appears unnecessary.

7.Better use the appropriate expenditures for developing the products and increasing their quality instead of bribes.

8.If it is known that the customer cheatingly delays the payment of the last 5% or keeps it completely, take that into account beforehand.

9.During the order processing the customer must pay for each supplement or modification he requires. He will understand that, because he also handles jobs with customers. The customer is not king, he should be partner.

10.In place of contract penalties offer spare parts instead ; that soothes the pain. If you have to accept charges for damages, limit their height in any case.

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