10 requirements for organisation


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1.No matrix-organizations because of double responsibilities and competencies. Conflicts are pre-programmed. Everyone must know who is his boss.

2.Do not constantly modify organizations. Much productive time gets wasted by discussions and possibly by removals.

3.Motivate coworkers in order to make everyone feel like an independent entrepreneur in his work area. Then the engineer considers the costs and the merchant the technology on which the company lives, not on the bureaucracy.

4.Everyone must be allowed to say to his boss, what does not make sense in the company. The boss should become thoughtful whether that may be true.

5.Promote unconventional thinking employees. They are able to whirl up dust and to solve stiff structures.

6.Controlling and revision are sprags for the management , they can`t take its place.

7.Do not only organize employees - meetings, but visit them regularly on the workplace and respond on possible problems. Someone who spends more than 10 hours at the workplace, is overtaxed or the company is badly organized.

8.Cost reduction begins with the design, not with purchase and expenses. Take permanent value analysis seriously!

9.Sort inquiries. Estimate your offer for orientation, for planning projection on the basis of previous offers, for your binding offer - now it becomes serious -calculate precisely on the basis of offers of sub contractors.

10.If your competition obtains the order, investigate honestly the reasons.! Never think with this low price or this bad engineering the competition will ruin himself; this pious desire seldom comes true.

2x10 + luck = success

Illud praecipue impedit, quod cito nobis placemus.

( that is the main obstacle: that we are too soon content with ourselves) Seneca, Briefe an Lucilius

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